Genesis™ - A New Multiphase Detector

Innovative TDR-based detector leads to breakthrough in multiphase level measurement

Magnetrol-AMETEK is excited to announce the Genesis™ Multiphase Detector – groundbreaking patents lead to an evolution in multiphase detection, measurement, and control.

Multiphase level measurements exist throughout process industries. They are especially significant in the oil & gas and petrochemical sectors due to the value derived from effectively separating water and hydrocarbon.

While level instrumentation has come a long way in measuring liquids of all varieties, multiphase level measurement is often considered the greatest challenge and opportunity that exists today.

The Genesis™ Multiphase Detector from Magnetrol is designed to measure multiple phases in applications with thick and dynamic emulsion layers:

  • Vapor phase
  • Total level (e.g., hydrocarbon liquid)
  • Top of emulsion layer
  • Bottom of emulsion layer (e.g., water level)
  • Sediment

With our new breakthrough in TDR-based level instrumentation, continuously measuring dynamic conditions in the most difficult types of separators is now achievable.



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The Genesis of TDR Multiphase Level Measurement

Many technologies attempt to tackle multiphase measurement but all have direct and/or ancillary limitations. While this proves there has been considerable effort by instrumentation manufacturers to measure multiphase levels, only now is there a cost-effective TDR-based multiphase detector capable of widespread adoption! Download our white paper for more info.